Consultation & Fees



Mr. Patel had a simple philosophy when he started our firm –treat each immigration, citizenship, or refugee (immigration) case as if it was your own life. Our results reflect that commitment and passion. We see hundreds of people each year and pride ourselves on the in-depth nature of our immigration consultations. We employ a team approach to immigration case evaluations to ensure that we collect as much relevant information to provide our clients with affordable, effective and lasting immigration solutions.

How much does the process cost?

At Canada immigration consultants, we take great care to do homework for me honour the legal principle of access to justice. Our fees reflect the superb quality of work and we do our best to make our rates affordable for our clients.

Our fees will range based upon the nature and complexity of your immigration case ,applications and the number of immigration applications required to be made on your behalf. Once your matter is carefully assessed during the immigration case evaluation, specific fees will be available.

• Block fees
• Flexible payment plans
• Discounts on lump sum payments
• We discount the consultation fee from your legal fees, should you retain our services.

Should I Hire an Immigration Lawyer or consultant to assist with my classification essay examples immigration process?

This is a personal decision.
We have a saying here at the firm: “stop worrying and start living”. What this really means is that you have to place trust in who you ask to represent you in this very important step in your life.


We have helped thousands over many years, and we are very good at what we do –we are proud of our success rate.


Leave the stress to us. We will be with you each step of the way. That is the kind of relationship we want to establish. Your role is to ensure we have the resources to meet the demands of your immigration case.

What are my chances of success?

This is difficult to comment on until your immigration case is assessed.
Our team deals only with immigration cases and has done so for decades. You can be assured we have handled an immigration case similar to yours with only the best possible results.

We must confirm the particulars of your immigration case before we can give you the specifics. You want a full assessment and not a quick answer, as this is a big step in your life. All information shared remains strictly confidential.

Have you had immigration cases similar to mine where you have success?

We encourage you to explore our experience and knowledge about immigration recent work we have done. We do our best and best is often the result.

Does Canada immigration consultants offer free immigration consultations?

We see many people each week who are delighted with our immigration consultations. They often thank us for finally helping them identify their immigration issues, as many have seen other representatives before.

Given the in-depth immigration case evaluations we provide, we do charge for our time. However if a client retains us to help with their immigration matter, the consultation fee will be applied to future legal fees.

Legal Aid/Low Income Immigration Cases

For those who are low-income and need to speak with an Immigration lawyer, our team endeavours to assist people requiring representation as much as possible through lawyer associated with us. Please contact our office and explain your immigration matter, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We do this to ensure everyone has access to justice!

Method of Payment

We accept most forms of payment including:
• Cash
• Interac/Debit
• Interac e-Transfer
• Direct Deposit

We provide first meeting assessment of your immigration eligibility free of cost!!!

From second consultation enrollment is compulsory

If You need advice from our associate lawyers in canada then schedule will based as below:

All Fess are consider as Block Fees(‘$’ Symbol Means Canadian Dollar)

Initial consultation upto 30 Minutes- $500

(Appointment with lawyer to review documentation, identify issues, answer all questions, and plan solutions)

Temporary Residence Applications

Visitor Visa (TRV)-  $2,000  (Initial Application,No previous refusals)

work permit or study permit- $2000 (Initial Application,No Previous refusals)

Visitor(TRV),work(WP) or study permit( SP)- $2000  (Application of extension or renewal)

Restoration application-$500 (In conjunction with TRV/WP Or SP)

Temporary Resident Permit- starting from $3500

(TRP’s Are used to overcome inadmissibility)(The exact fees for each case are determined during the consultation and the details will be included in the Retainer Agreement. Complex cases that require more time will have commensurate block fees.)

Super visa(for parents and/or grand parents)- $2000

Note : Parental Sponsorship program is currently not accepting new applications.

Permanent Residence Applications

MPNP – Skilled Worker – Prepare Initial Application –

1st stage – Assess points and submit initial application to MPNP for EOI

MPNP Skilled Worker – Prepare Full Application

2nd stage – After Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA)

Fees vary depending on labour market
MPNP Business Stream –  contact us in person Starting at $4,800 The exact fees for each case are determined during the consultation and the deatils will be included in the Retainer Agreement. Complex cases that require more time will have commensurate block fees.
Spouse Open Work Permit $1000
Parental Sponsorship – Outside canada applications $4,000
Permanent Resident application (post PNP Certificate) – Initial application only; additional fees for previous refusals $1,800
Prepare Reply to Fairness Letter Fees vary
Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications (H&C) –We only assist applicants in Canada. ATIP application included at no additional cost. $5,500 (may vary)
Refusal cases in Visitor(TRV),Work(WP) & Study permits(SP) Starts at $300(May vary)

Agreements and Payments

To start a file, we draft an Agreement that lists the Services and Fees. In accordance with Law Society rules, you payments are immediately deposited into our pooled trust account. We do not get paid until the work is done. Once we received the initial payment, we can immediately begin work on the file.

Access to Information Requests

In most cases, we will include an Access to Information request (ATIP application) to the Privacy Commission (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) at no additional legal cost. This provides our office with, among other things, a copy of the Officer’s notes and we use it to identify potential issues.

Immigration application would extra as actual.for fees click here.